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The Museum will be OPEN Monday, February 15, for even more hands-on fun!

I CAN Be Anything

I CAN Be Anything

Young imaginations will be set ablaze by I CAN Be Anything, designed to let children role play the careers they see adults in every day such as firefighter, veterinarian, cook, actor, mechanic or farmer.

Throughout, children discover and celebrate the industries that built the Sandhills and interact with other visitors.

Experiences will provide a wide variety of cognitive learning opportunities related to the science found in everyday lives while assisting children with development of skills related to communities, emergencies and safety.

The centrally-located Sandhills Stage provides opportunities for puppet shows, sing-alongs and dance parties as well as a place where any kid can be a star.

The Speed Shop features a race car and a vintage Rockingham Fire Department truck can be found in Firefighters Academy.

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