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Discovery Place KIDS encourages exploration, with children and caregivers actively engaged in rich learning that gives children a sense that anything is possible. Exploring the theme of I CAN, the Museum will have a variety of theme areas allowing children to role play, create, move and experiment.

Theme Areas

I CAN Be Anything

Young imaginations will be set ablaze by I CAN Be Anything, designed to let children role play the careers they see adults in… Learn More

I CAN Be Healthy

I CAN Be Healthy celebrates a healthy, active lifestyle and encourages young visitors to get moving. The theme area showcases… Learn More

I CAN Grow

Designed for the littlest visitors, I CAN Grow helps stimulate the brains and bodies of children birth to 36 months as they b… Learn More

I CAN Imagine

I CAN Imagine celebrates playful, open-ended discovery and imaginative ideas. Using water, air, blocks and recycled materials… Learn More

I CAN Wonder Why

Visitors explore and experiment, inquire and discover, test and uncover all while building an understanding of the relevance … Learn More